What is Outdoor Laser Tag?

Outdoor laser tag is like paintball and airsoft without the mess and pain. Outdoor Laser Tag is one of the fastest growing battlefield simulation sports in the world. At M2 Battlesports, we have integrated the most advanced and realistic infrared red and radio frequency tagger technology into mission-based game play traditionally associated with paintball and airsoft. Imagine experiencing video games like Halo and Call of Duty only in real life. Now you can! Visit M2 Battlesports Tactical Outdoor laser Tag today!


Outdoor Laser Tag vs Paintball or Airsoft

  • No pain
  • No mess
  • Fewer injuries
  • No paint or BBs to purchase
  • No high-pressure gas or CO2 needed
  • No hot, bulky protective gear to wear
  • Players can’t cheat by wiping paint or ignoring hits


The M2 Battlesports Advantage

Our equipment is military-grade and state of the art. M2 Battlesports taggers and can hit targets up to 1200 feet away with unparallelled accuracy. RF technology offers real-time hit feedback, records player stats, and allows field refs to change all tagger characteristics simultaneously and in mere seconds saving you valuable play time.

Our mission-based strategy games such as Capture the Flag, Search and Rescue, Official Escort, Sniper, Domination, Blackhawk Down, and Hostage Rescue are designed to keep your adrenalin up and make you hungry for more. In addition, our specialized game props such as ammo, medic, and base boxes; domination cubes; time bombs; and more, allow for infinite game variations. Our high-tech taggers have the ability to vary from game to game the amount of ammunition, the number of clips, lives, and respawns, the level of damage per hit, and even add regenerating shields.

Get off the couch at get into the game with M2 Battlesports!


Age Restrictions

Adults and children 10 & up may participate in both day and night games. Children under the age of 10 are welcome during daylight hours only.  We have specialized light weight taggers for our younger players and a parent or guardian must be on site and in direct supervision at all times.  Please contact us for information about sessions that are appropriate for players under 10.